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Remote Support

Our Remote assistance solution guides your technicians more effectively

and transforms your workers' performance in the field

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Remote working challenges: 

The gap between the level of knowledge required to install, operate, maintain and repair industrial equipment and available capabilities of front-line workers is widening, while the physical distance between experts & operators is larger than ever.

Our solution

Our Augmented Reality platform is segmented into modules designed for industrial applications:

  1. Step-by-step AR manuals to guide technicians through MRO procedures

  2. Augmented Reality video call connecting front-line workers with remote specialised experts

  3. Remote training sessions with 3D instructions

Key Benefits:


  1. Connect directly to remote experts for live guidance   

  2. Instantly upskill technicians

  3. Hands-free capabilities with smart glasses

  4. Use AR overlays for enhanced guidance and greater accuracy in the field

  5. Share documents and technical information seamlessly

  6. Record session for future reference and training

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