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Optimize daily tasks
for front-line workers

Replace manual processes and give workers  access to critical information at their job site


Augmenteed is a process management software that helps you to:

  • Digitize your workflows within weeks

  • Optimize and automate processes with cutting edge tech

  • Train technicians more efficiently with AR

  • Guide technicians in real-time with remote experts

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How our platform works

Our technology greatly improves the productivity of technicians on the front line by giving them access to information when and where they need it.

Our platform is based on the proprietary Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) App Builder that allows industrials to digitize their workflows without coding. We offer pre-configured templates with a wide range of features that allow companies to optimize and automate their workflows.


Transform your front line teams today

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  • Create digital processes for Standard Operating Procedures, Maintenance and Repair workflows, AR enabled Training Manuals and Remote Technical Support

  • Use a variety of features to enhance productivity and speed of operations, including: barcode scanning, OCR, image recognition, Augmented Reality overlays and more

  • Design your own workflows

  • Integration to legacy systems such as SAP, Oracle and more

  • Store data securely on enterprise grade servers

  • Highly scalable and flexible data stack

  • Deploy applications on smart glasses, phones and tablets


Singapore Airport Ramp Operations

 Augmenteed SOP digitization of aircraft loading




Ineo Centre Agence Orléans

Augmenteed SOP digitization at production site

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