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Digitize workflows. Upskill technicians. 

Augmenteed is a software platform for building and deploying digital workflows for front-line workers on mobile devices.

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 Convert manual processes into digital SOPs

 Transform your technicians to Engineers 4.0

Our solutions

  • Step by step instructions

  • Real time monitoring

  • Field data collection 

  • Validation checkpoints

  • IoT integration

  • Insights reporting 

  • Customizable smart forms

  • 100% digital accessibility 

  • 3D object viewer

  • Barcode scanning 

  • API integration

  • Automated reporting 

  • Live support for field tech

  • Augmented pointer 

  • Visual image mark-up 

  • Digital SOP transfer

  • Built for low connectivity and 5G

Clients, partners and ecosystems

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